Version 2.1.3  

S-Lang Library Download Page


New!  Cygwin binaries are available. See the Cygwin binaries page for more information.

The latest released version of S-Lang is 2.1.3. It may be obtained from the primary site at, as well as at the following mirrors:

If you are using Cygwin, see the Cygwin binaries page for instructions on obtaining pre-compiled binaries. Of course, you can always build it yourself.

The source code for S-Lang is kept under version control using Subversion in a repository hosted by OpenSVN. Assuming you have Subversion installed on your system, you may ``check out'' the latest development snapshot using

      svn co slang
This will create a directory called slang and place the latest snapshot of the source code there. You may also browse the repository by visiting

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